High Current Nitrous Solenoid Driver


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Solenoid drivers take the load off your progressive without resulting in relay lag!

A High Current Nitrous Solenoid Driver is a high quality solid state relay. Due to having no moving parts internally, solid state relays have a faster connection than standard relays. This results in faster reaction to input from a progressive controller. As a result of a faster reaction time, a solenoid driver makes progressing at low percentages and high frequencies much more efficient. The solenoid driver has a clean connection to a simple molded wiring harness. In addition to making your controller progress more smoothly, drivers are very simple to wire! The driver only has three wires; a power in, power out, and a signal. Rather than having a trigger power and ground like Tyco or Bosch style relays a single 12V will connect the power in and power out! These drivers have a maximum current draw of 40 amps.

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