Edelbrock Super Victor Manifolds





Edelbrock Super Victor Manifolds (4500-8500 RPM)
Edelbrock Super Victor intake manifolds are arguably the most popular and flexible manifolds in racing today. You’ll find these single-plane manifolds on oval tracks, in drag racing, and on NASCAR engines–anywhere that maximum horsepower and torque are needed to win races. The extended, constant cross-sectional area of the runners produces more torque across the midrange–from 4,500 up to 8,500 rpm in most instances. So, they deliver great throttle response off of the corners in oval track racing and improved 60 ft. times in drag racing. Their direct “line-of-sight” flow path provides maximum flow and there’s plenty of material for port matching. They’re also ideal for alcohol use.

2821 – LS3 Super Victor 4500

28215 – LS3 Super Victor 4500 EFI

2916 – BBC 10.2 Deck Super Victor 4500

2917 – BBC 9.8 Deck Super Victor 4500

2924 – SBF 9.5″ 351W Super Victor 4150

2925 – SBC Super Victor 4150

2927 – BBC Rect. Port Super Victor 4500

2928 – SBF 8.2″ 289/302 Super Victor 4150

2970 – SBC 23° Super Victor 4500

Additional information

Weight28 lbs
Dimensions24 × 18 × 12 in


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