Fuel Solenoids: I-S Bottom Exit (.178)


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Bottom exit fuel solenoids are the highest flowing gasoline/e85 solenoid we offer. At a quick glance these solenoids look like a “cheater style” fuel solenoid. But, upon closer inspection you will notice these solenoids have a bottom exit outlet. This design makes them a much more free flowing and efficient solenoid. Next we look at the difference internally, Our bottom exit solenoids have an orifice that is .178 vs the standard .156 of many fuel solenoids. Lastly, the solenoids are composed of Viton plungers, low-amp coils, and stainless steel components. This makes these solenoids top of the line in both quality and performance! We use these solenoids on our X275 Direct Port Systems and our SledgeHammer Plate Systems. With such a large orifice these solenoids are ideal for progressing to bring in power gradually.

Cheater Style New

With quality components and the best customer service in the industry, our fuel solenoids are the best value on the market!

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Weight.25 lbs
Dimensions6 × 6 × 4 in


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