Purge Solenoid


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Induction Solutions purge solenoids are great for every purge setup. Purging is very necessary with nitrous cars, it rids the line of air and gaseous nitrous making sure the system delivers liquid nitrous to the cylinder, making the most power possible!   They feature a stainless steel base, a low current coil, a PTFE plunger for longevity, and a powder coated coil cover for durability. Our purge solenoids are designed with professional racers in mind, but simple enough for weekend warriors, and people new to nitrous systems! They will work with any nitrous system and are extremely easy to add into your system. Induction Solutions only uses the best components in the industry for our solenoids.


Are sold individually!

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Weight1.00 lbs
Dimensions6 × 6 × 4 in


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