Saturday Night Special Dual Plate Complete System for Nitrous




Dual Plate Saturday Night Special Complete System

If you are looking for street savvy plate system and have a dual four-barrel setup this is the nitrous plate system for you! It is race bred and makes great power, great for streetcars and ET class racers. This is NOT a cheapened up kit, it’s built with all the quality workmanship and parts you have come to expect from I-S. It’s designed around and built for racers that need a plate with a true 350+ HP rating.

The Dual Plate Saturday Night Special system is based on two Performer RPM plates, and finished out with Induction Solutions solenoids and parts. This nitrous plate system is designed with great looks and strong performance in mind. What makes this nitrous plate system different from an out of the box nitrous plate system is the way we blueprint, modify and re-jet map the system as well as the great tech support we provide.

The Plate
The plates are ½” thick with brass tubes. The holes are precision EDM cut and have the correct area to support the max horsepower rating.

The Solenoids
The fuel solenoid is a small body, low amp draw .156 orifice base with a filtered inlet. The same solenoid we use on our race direct port systems. The nitrous solenoid is a low amp draw .120 side exit for improved flow and also has a filtered inlet fitting. The kit comes with two universal brackets for mounting the solenoids.

I-S Flowing and blue printing
Each Dual Plate Saturday Night Special system is flowed and comes with custom jet mapping and stainless jets for 100-350+ HP

The Look
This plate is “blacked out” it has braided stainless solenoid lines covered in black sleeve. Along with black output fittings from the solenoid. There is a chrome solenoid cover option as well.

Complete Kit Includes:

  • 10# Complete Nitrous Bottle(option for 15#)
  • Feed Line
  • Bottle Brackets
  • Quarter Turn Valve
  • Purge Kit
  • Relay and Wiring Harness

PPH numbers are available upon request at time of placing order for no additional charge!

If you have an Induction Solutions flowed nitrous plate system please call Steve for help with your timing, if not please utilize this general timing sheet as a guideline

General Timing Guidelines

Additional information

Weight7 lbs
Dimensions24 × 18 × 12 in


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