EngineLabs Covers the Advantages to Direct Port Nitrous Systems

The guys over at EngineLabs have put together a great article, full of information, on direct port nitrous systems. It sheds some light on a lot of frequently asked questions about nitrous and also give insight into some of the things people don’t know to ask about! Take some time to read through it and you will not be disappointed!


Ron Rhodes in Drag Illustrated May 2014 Issue

Ron Rhodes Cover
Ron Rhodes and his infamous leaf spring, first gen Camaro have been the subject of discussion for many racers and spectators alike the past few months. He has set records in many categories with his astonishing 4.52 in the 1/8th and consistently runs the fastest 60′ of any car on the strip. Ron has an Induction Solutions X275 Direct Port System with our Lightweight Solenoids, as well as a Direct Port Water Injection System done by us as well! He has left many big block opponents stunned by how fast his 23° Chevy small block on a 275 radial is! Drag Illustrated finally caught up with the man himself and did a great article highlighting his and his cars interesting history. Take a second to check this out, it’s definitely a worth-while read just click the link below and see!

Ron Rhodes in Drag Illustrated May 2014 Issue

Bryan Dunlap

I just wanted to say thanks, I have one of your earlier direct port systems on my sbf. I sent it in this winter to be updated. Well the first pass in the car with the same tune up as last year. It put it on the bumper lol… I think its making some more power lol. Thanks for great products, and even better tech support.

bryan dunlap

Mark Lasselle

All I can say is wow! Very first pass with the Sledgehammer went from 1.52 60′ to a 1.271, This was on the smallest jetting that was sent, about 150-175. Set everything exactly where Steve and Paul told me to and plugs looked good. Cant wait to get back out there and go up in jet. Thanks again Team IS




Bruce Rentz

“We had a good weekend at Lights Out 4 and set a new plate ET record in the Ultimate Street class @ 5.041 at 138.83.

This was the first event with the new IS Sledge Hammer plate and your tune up was right on, out of the box.

Car ran flawless all weekend once we got the ballast right.

Combo information includes a 427 Yates Heads ford engine with BES Nitrous Cam.

Thanks for all of your help and I have included a picture of the car in Qualifying round 1.”



Chevrolet Performance LSX Real Street Gains New Competitor For 2013

Over the last couple of racing seasons, Chevrolet Performance’s LSX Challenge series has been growing exponentially, and one of the reasons is the Real Street class. The engine and power-adder limitations have made the class attractive to build for, and Indiana’s Todd Williams is one racer inclined to step up his program for the coming season. His team from RPM Transmissions has had success with their C5 Corvette in the class, and although this particular C6 was originally destined for other competition, the decision has been made to build it into a nitrous-gulping small-block monster for Real Street.

The engine program features parts from some of the best names in the business, starting with one of RHS’ standard deck-height blocks holding in a Callies Magnum crankshaft, GRP aluminum connecting rods, and JE pistons. A camshaft that features nearly one inch of lift helps to meter the air into the Chevrolet Performance Parts DR heads filled with Victory Racing, Jesel, and Manley parts. Induction Solutions’ Steve Johnson supplied the nitrous system for their other car and will continue to do so for this program. In addition, an AEM Infinity engine management system will be on board to keep the engine running in optimal shape.

As RPM Transmissions is heavily involved in the Corvette aftermarket, the car will feature a full contingent of RPM’s parts including an SFI flexplate, converter drive plate, and custom Powerglide transmission. The car also features a long list of driveline upgrades including Driveshaft Shop CV axles, propshaft, and couplers. As the class is currently running in the mid-eight-second zone at around 160 MPH, the decision was also made to install a complete 25.5-spec rollcage to protect the driver in the event of a mishap. The build is just getting underway, so there aren’t a ton of photos yet, but this is one work in progress we think you’ll want to follow.


IS Dominates Florida X275 Races

Two race, two different nights but same end result Eugene Rodriguez for the win at both.  Congratulations and a great job Eugene all the hard work has paid off.  Congratulations to IS customers Walter Drakeford who was a runner up at Showtime against Eugine and Congratulations to IS customer Troy Pirez Sr who was the runner up to Eugene at Lakeland.  Great job guys.