1 Stage X275 Direct Port System

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X275 Direct Port System

This is our X275 specific kit. It is similar to our standard kits but it comes with upgraded solenoids that are machined to a .125 orifice, black insulated nitrous and fuel lines and hoses, as well as black and red B-nuts. This is our fastest growing nitrous system. It is a performance upgrade as well as an aesthetic upgrade. It will show the competition that you aren’t at the track to be a runner-up, you’re there to win! These systems include welding CNC bungs into your manifold, blending the bungs into your ports, our annular small body nozzles, filtered inlet fittings, with soldered and heat shrunk wiring, as well as, a y fitting and nitrous lines ready to hook up to and run. We flow every system done in house with five tune-ups in 50HP increments and all necessary jets for the tune-ups. We can work with you to meet any hood clearances, class regulations, etc. All X275 direct port systems are custom to your application and can flow anywhere from 150-800+ horsepower! Systems also come with a free Induction Solutions t-shirt.

To give us the appropriate information please download and fill out one of our tech sheets and ship it along with your manifold to the shop address in the contact us section of the site.

NOTE: We charge $65 for each additional tune-up over the provided 5

NOTE: The pressure plate and manifold show do not come with an X275 kit!

PPH numbers are available upon request at the time of the initial check-in call for no additional charge!

If you have an Induction Solutions flowed system please call Steve for help with your timing, if not please utilize this general timing sheet as a guideline

General Timing Guidelines

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