Mist A Fire Water Injection Plate

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Water Injection Plate

Water Injection Plate

Water injection is becoming increasingly popular in today’s race cars, by injecting a fine mist of water into your engine it drastically reduces the chance of detonation occurring during a run. The water, while in a gaseous state, can absorb enormous amounts of heat and also raises the effective octane of the fuel, both aiding in the engines overall performance and safety. Our kit is the closest thing to a plug and play system on the market! Our kit includes a water tank, a high pressure pump(only draws 10 amps at 200PSI), a relay, wiring, feed lines, check valves, and a 3/4″ plate with 4 individually jetable nozzles!

Plate does NOT come assembled! It is shipped as pieces to be assembled

**NOTE** The picture of the water injection plate on top of a SledgeHammer plate and manifold are for illustration purposes only, this item does not come with either!!

As with any water injection system, it is important to periodically clean the filters to prevent blockage.

The filter can be cleaned by simply removing the screen off the nozzle then soaking it in some lime away for about 15-30 min. Make sure to rinse the nozzle to remove the chemicals.

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 12 in


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