Aeromotive A3000 Fuel Pumps

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The new A3000 Fuel Pump is an upgrade and redesign to one of the winningest fuel pumps for carbureted engines in drag racing, the popular A2000 Fuel Pump. The A3000 features the same basic design and function as its predecessor but boasts less weight, over 1 GPM more flow at pressure and never-before-seen modular features and mounting options, like a removable and indexable fuel filter and true diaphragm-controlled bypass regulator.

The A3000 Fuel Pump provides more mounting provisions, enhanced performance, and better pressure control than any fuel pump in its class. This crafty Modular design affords the racer a variety of options for mounting and pressure control. When mated with the P/N 11218 100-Micron Filter and/or the P/N 11217 Pressure Regulator, (both parts sold separately) you have the ability to independently index those components for a custom installation on your race car. If you already have a compatible Pre-Filter* or don’t want to utilize a return on the pump, the pump can operate as a stand-alone featuring a -12 ORB inlet port and -10 ORB outlet port.


  • 15% more flow across the entire pressure range (vs. the A2000)
  • Lightweight (5.1 lbs)
  • 6.8 GPM @ 5 psi / 13.5V (Over 400 GPH)
  • New ORB-12 Inlet, ORB-10 Outlet
  • Alcohol / Methanol Compatible
  • Multiple bolt patterns on the bottom of the pump fit almost any chassis mounting options, including competitors’ pumps.
  • Integrated Pre-Pump Fuel Filter
    – Integrated 100-Micron Pre-Filter can be clocked in 45º increments.
    – Compact design with flexible mounting configurations.
  • True Diaphragm Controlled Bypass Regulator Integrated into the pump
    – Similar design to the A2000, the regulator provides smoother and more controlled flow and pressure as well as dampens pressure spikes.
    – The new A3000 design allows for the regulator to be clocked in 45º increments like the filter for additional chassis clearance.
    – Regulator can be removed and run as a true bypass regulator.
    – Regulators bolt pattern matches to the Aeromotive Stackable Regulators (P/N 13217) allowing the ultimate in pressure control and nitrous fuel system solutions.

Aeromotive A3000

Ideal for applications with 3600+HP @ 28psi

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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 6 × 7 in

A3000 Complete Assembly, A3000 Fuel Pump Regulator Assembly (excl. filter), A3000 Carbureted Fuel Pump (pump only)