Aeromotive EFI to Carb Dual Stage Fuel Pressure Regulator

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New!! For vehicles equipped with an OEM fuel injected engine where conversion to the carburetor is desired.  Enables the use of the complete, OEM EFI fuel system to support a carbureted engine.

  • Dual Stage pressure control with one regulator.
  • Controls pump/line pressure from 8-16 PSI.
  • Controls carburetor pressure from 5-9 PSI.
  • Allows use of the stock EFI, in-tank fuel pump.
  • Permits use of the stock supply line and filter.
  • Allows use of the stock EFI return line.
  • 3/8″ NPT inlet and return, plus two outlet ports.
  • Compact, all-in-one, Dual Regulator design.
  • Carb regulator can support up to 750HP when using race gas.

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