Nitrous Enrichment Fuel Cells




Nitrous Enrichment Fuel Cells

These Nitrous Enrichment Fuel Cells are the perfect choice for a stand alone fuel system! This is a common setup in cars running two different fuels or running the same fuel but at large differences in pressure. Nitrous Enrichment Fuel Cells are also a great option for street cars that run pump gas in their main tank and would like to run a higher octane fuel with their nitrous system. These cells are a perfect pair with a 110GPH Fuel Pump and Regulator!

  • Seamless rotomolded cross-linked polyethylene outer shell
  • Aircraft style flush mount cap assembly (#220-series)
  • Two AN-8 fast flow outlet fittings in the sump
  • One AN-6 return fitting
  • One AN-6 tip over valve vent fitting
  • Option for mounting kit as well

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Fuel Cell

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Mounting Kit

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