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Developed in conjunction with noted Ford drag racer Billy Glidden, this manifold is a larger version of Edelbrock’s popular Super Victor 351W. Featuring a 4500 series carb flange, it is intended for high rpm and large displacement Windsor headed small-block Fords with a 9.5″ deck height. The runner area has been enlarged to 3.6 square inches and the plenum has been increased to produce more high rpm power. To maintain optimum runner shape and location, the front water cross-over has been eliminated, but water fittings have been provided on the intake flange for external plumbing of a thermostat if desired. The carburetor pad height on this new manifold is only 1/4″ taller than the 350-2924, making it ideal for single-carb all-out drag racing vehicles.

2828 – Edelbrock Glidden Victor 351W Manifold

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