Edelbrock RPM Air Gap Manifolds

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Edelbrock’s Performer RPM Air Gap intake manifolds incorporate race-winning technology that’s been used on Victor series competition intakes for years. The open air space from the Air-Gap design separates the runners from the heat of the lifter-valley cover. So, the air/fuel mixture stays cooler all the way to the heads, which produces a denser charge for more power. Runners are tuned to move the power band 1,000 rpm higher than Performer Air-Gap manifolds, from idle-5,500 rpm up to 1,500-6,500 rpm.

7581 – Edelbrock RPM Air Gap ManifoldsĀ Designed for Ford 351-400 street and high-performance applications. Larger cross-sectional area and a taller carb flange than #350-7181 for compatibility with large displacement, stroker 351W-based engines. Includes nitrous bosses. No provision for exhaust-heated choke and no exhaust crossover.

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