Carbon Fiber Nitrous Bottle

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Put your car on a diet!

Our carbon fiber nitrous bottle holds 12.25 pounds of nitrous when full. They are available with our own Max-Flow Valve or a POWERVALVE. With our valve in them they only weigh 20lbs 12oz full. The bottle comes ready to fill up and race! The price includes a -4,-6 or -8 bottle nut(-8 only on POWERVALVE option), 1.5″ liquid filled gauge, and a racer safety installed.  That differentiates our bottles from other companies’!

Induction Solution’s carbon fiber nitrous bottles are constructed of a lightweight aluminum liner surrounded with an ultra-strong, durable aerospace-grade carbon fiber weave, this insures safety and longevity. These nitrous bottles are a great accessory for a show car and a staple for a drag car! Induction Solutions carbon fiber nitrous bottles save tremendous weight as compared to a normal nitrous bottle. They also definitely catch peoples attention! They are the same in diameter as most manufacturers 10 and 15 pound nitrous bottles so they will work in just about any bottle bracket. Our carbon fiber nitrous bottles can be used with any nitrous system in the market place.

Weights Carbon Bottle w/ I-S Max Flow Valve Carbon Bottle w/ NS POWERVALVE
Filled Weight 20lbs 12oz 20lbs 4oz
Bottle Weight 8lbs 8oz 8lbs
Content Weight 12lbs 4oz 12lbs 4oz

carbon fiber nitrous bottles

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Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 30 in


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