Nitrous Bottle Spa

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When racing a nitrous application one of the most important aspects of tuning your system/systems is nitrous bottle pressure. In cooler climates or weather there is NO better way to prepare your bottle to go to the staging lanes then to submerge into a warm nitrous bottle spa of heated water. This will saturate the entire bottle and bring the entire bottle and contents up to a set and stable temp. These bottle heaters can heat a stone cold nitrous bottle to a ready to go temp in just minutes..

Bottle spas are preset with a heat limit to protect from unsafe bottle conditions!

Measures: 16 1/4 wide, 8 1/4 front to rear, 15 1/4 tall, weighs 14 lbs.

We have also been known to use our heater/spas in the summer to reduce temp as well in very hot sunny climates. Just add the water and sometimes a little ice too.

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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 19 × 12 in