Nitrous Power Controller NPC-2006 Progressive Nitrous Controller

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Our Nitrous Power Controller is the first of it’s kind in progressive controller technology! The market’s most highly advanced progressive controller, The NPC-2006 Nitrous Power Controller also offers the simplicity of installation. Designed with easy to install wiring connectors, internal solenoid drivers as well as a direct connection to the power and ground of the battery, it gets you back on the road fast – And faster on it.

The Nitrous Power Controller can progress two stages of nitrous and can activate up to three more stages. When progressing two or fewer stages you can individually control the nitrous and fuel solenoids on separate ramps and hertz settings. Our controller can take multiple parameters into consideration in order to activate or deactivate the nitrous systems (e.g. RPM windows, fuel or nitrous percents, clutch input, and time).

The controller program has the ability to make quick ramps and resume ramps for situations when there is a momentary lift of throttle. The Nitrous Power Controller also has the ability to datalog multiple parameters including but not limited to; engine RPM, battery voltage as well as nitrous and fuel percentages for both stages.

Nitrous Power Controller NPC-2006 Progressive Nitrous Controller Features:

  1. Modern 32-bit ARM microcontroller operating at 72Mhz provides extremely accurate timing functions as well as fast response times.
  2. Integrated data logging feature and viewing via PC software. An export of a CSV (comma separated value) data file is available for you to view in your chosen spreadsheet, or other data viewing software. (Need Free Spreadsheet Software? Get Open Office here)
  3. USB interface provides easy connection to PC and/or laptop to adjust settings, retrieve data log, and provides the ability to load new controller firmware as updates become available.
  4. Two stage high amperage solenoid output drivers integrated into the controller with dedicated heavy duty power inputs for the solenoids.
  5. Power and ground connections for the solenoids with weatherproof automotive connectors simplifies installation and reliability.
  6. The pulse frequency (hertz) of all solenoids can be the same or you may adjust them individually, if desired.
  7. Graph style editing of the progressive ramp with individual settings for nitrous and fuel solenoids.
  8. Integrated +12 volt outputs for each stage that usable  for timing retard activation. Configurable outputs made to operate based on controller inputs, time, engine rpm, nitrous percentage, and fuel percentage.
  9. One additional output that provides a ground signal when active to control a third stage with no progressive features, shift light, throttle stop, etc. This output can be configured to operate based on controller inputs, time, engine rpm, nitrous percentage, and fuel percentage.
  10. Integrated rpm window switch functions.
  11. Trans brake/clutch input activation delay timer. This function can be used to ignore the input while making a shift after the launch for manual transmission applications.
  12. Fully potted with epoxy to protect the unit from vibration and moisture.

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