Racer Safety Blow Down Kit

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A Racer Safety Blow Down Kit is something that you want to have BEFORE you need it!

When a racer safety pops inside a car it can be scary and very disorienting to the driver. The racer safety blow down kit is a great and safe way to keep gaseous nitrous out of the car in the event of the racer safety disk popping. Many racing associations require the use of a blow down that gets the gas out of the cockpit(including trunk). These kits will screw on to a -8 racer safety and go to the floor of the car where it meets a bulkhead in order to expel the high pressure gas outside the car. You have a choice of a straight or 90° bulkhead fitting to go through the floor, and a 90° or 180° bottle side hose end depending on if your bottle is vertically or horizontally mounted.

This kit includes:

•3′ of Lightweight Black Race Hose

•90° OR 180° -8 Black Hose End

•Straight -8 Black Hose End

•Straight OR 90° Black Bulkhead Fitting

•Black Bulkhead Nut

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 6 in


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