Nitrous Oxide Solenoid-Side In Bottom Out Nitrous Solenoid (.120)

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Bottom Exit NewI-S Side In/Bottom Out with a .120 base – This is our most commonly used nitrous oxide solenoid. They are used in all of our conventional direct port systems. A single Bottom Exit Solenoid can free-flow 5ooHP of nitrous! Induction Solutions stainless steel solenoids have a very low amp draw.  On average 8 to 10 amps depending on your voltage input. They feature a stainless steel base, a low current coil, a PTFE plunger for longevity, and a powder-coated coil cover for durability. The Side In/Bottom Out nitrous oxide solenoid features a bottom outlet design that restricts flow much less than other standard designs. Our nitrous solenoid features 1/4 inlet and a 1/8 NPT outlet, as well as, a 1/8 NPT purge port. Our bottom out nitrous solenoids are designed with professional racers in mind, but also work great for streetcars and enthusiasts alike.  This solenoid can be used with a direct port or a plate nitrous oxide system made by any manufacturer.  Induction Solutions only uses the best components in the industry for our solenoids.

[quote]This Solenoid is by far, the best Nitrous Oxide Solenoid I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.[/quote]

About Nitrous Oxide Solenoids

[toggle title=”What is a Nitrous Oxide Solenoid?”] Nitrous Oxide Solenoids are designed to create a better flow of your nitrous into your car’s motor. The “Side In, Bottom Out” design of the Induction Solutions Nitrous Solenoid is unique in that it…[/toggle][toggle title=”Watch the Induction Solutions Nitrous Oxide Solenoid in action.”]

This is a video of our Nitrous Oxide Solenoid in action, as used by the World’s fastest stock cubic inch Is1, built by none other than Legend Racing Ent. . As you can see, when performance is critical, Induction Solutions is the best option for strength, reliability, and simply crushing your competition.



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