Induction Solutions Holey Moley Complete Kit

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Induction Solutions Holey Moley Plate System

If you are looking for the best single entry class restricted plate on the market, this is IT!!

What makes the Induction Solutions Holey Moley nitrous plate system different from an out of the box kit is the ways we blueprint, modify, assemble, flow and jet map the system, as well as, the great tech support we provide too.

The Plate
The plate is 1.125”(1 1/8″) thick, black anodized, billet aluminum, CNC machined plate. One of the things that make this plate unique is it’s four hole inlet for enhanced carburetor signal that equates to better flow, atomization, distribution and horsepower even when the system is not activated. The 4500 plate supports up to a 2.200″ throttle blade and the 4150 will support up to a 1.750″ throttle blade. This plate has no o-ring seals or epoxy to break down or fail over time making it extremely durable!

The Solenoids
The Trash Can nitrous solenoid with it’s .177 orifice provides the plate with a solid flow of nitrous even in the biggest tunes, helping keep the nitrous in its liquid state for the densest charge possible. The nitrous solenoid has a PTFE plunger as well as a low amp coil, only drawing ~16-18A making it a very durable and responsive piece. The Bottom Exit fuel solenoid has a .178 orifice that increases initial flow creating a quicker feed rate while progressing, reducing the initial lean spike seen on many similar systems while progressing. Both solenoids are equipped with -6AN filtered inlet fittings and mounted on a black anodized solenoid bracket mounting both solenoids on the passenger side to provide as much clearance as possible for most combinations.

I-S Flowing
Each I-S Holey Moley nitrous plate system is flowed and comes with custom jet mapping from 150-600+ HP. This kit includes all brass widebody jets for each power level in 50 HP increments.  We can also flow for E-85 applications, as well as alcohol and methanol combinations though they may require an upgraded fuel solenoid for the additional fuel required.

Complete Kit Includes:

* Plate, lines covered in fire sleeving, filtered inlet fittings, solenoids with brackets to mount, I-S blueprint, flowed, jet mapping, jets and tech support.
* 15LB bottle, mounting brackets, bottle nut (-6) and -6 supply line
* Electrical hardware including WOT switch, arming switch, power relay and connectors

Extras included in Complete Kit
A couple of extras we have included in this kit to make it a true complete kit are a -6 purge kit, racer safety on the bottle as well as a 1 ½” liquid filled nitrous pressure gauge on the bottle.

PPH numbers are available upon request at time placing order for no additional charge!

Choosing the Stainless Hard Line option will reduce the maximum horsepower capabilities.

If you have an Induction Solutions flowed nitrous plate system please call Steve for help with your timing, if not please utilize this general timing sheet as a guideline;
General Timing Guidelines

Additional information

Weight 36 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 18 in


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