EFI Conversion

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An EFI Conversion is a way to make any carbureted manifold an EFI manifold!

Our EFI conversion includes all the work to have your manifold ready to run EFI. First of all, we start with drilling the manifold and welding in bungs for your injectors. Next, we blend the bungs back into the original manifold port work. While the bungs are being completed, fuel rails are fabricated with the inlet sizes you request. Lastly, we weld on fuel rail hold downs to securely mount the fuel rail keeping your injectors in place. We can work with a customer supplied manifold or a new manifold bought through us. Everything is custom fabricated in house! As a result, we can meet any requirements you have. Due to our work all being custom, in order for us to start work we will need the injectors and throttle body you will be using.


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