I-S Guardian Nitrous Plate System Complete Kit

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If you are looking for the perfect hybrid of power and safety this is it…

About The Guardian Nitrous Plate System.

Induction Solutions introduces the Guardian Nitrous Plate System! This is the first nitrous plate system to incorporate self-resetting pressure relief panels to help protect your carburetor in the event of a backfire. The Guardian Nitrous Plate System also includes fire protection sleeving installed over the nitrous and fuel lines to add further protection measures to the plate system. We build our nitrous plate systems with all the quality workmanship and parts you have come to expect from Induction Solutions. The Guardian Nitrous Plate System can be tuned from 100 to a TRUE 450 horsepower. Smart racers want quality, reliability, power and safety. The Guardian Plate System is a prime example of a plate that can provide you everything you are looking for!

What makes this nitrous plate system different from an “out of the box” plate? It’s the way we blueprint and jet map the plate system, as well as, the unparalleled tech support we provide our customers. To establish nitrous to fuel ratios that are correct and consistent, every single plate is flowed. This guarantees each plate is as efficient as possible.


A flow tool is a necessity to properly tune your nitrous system. Having your fuel pressure set accurately will provide the most out of your tune-up. If you purchase a Flow Tool with your system you will receive $50 off.

What’s in the box?

The Plate
A black anodized 1” thick billet 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum plate with built-in self-resetting pressure relief panels is the foundation of this plate system. The spray beam holes are precision CNC cut and have the correct area to support the max horsepower rating. This process ensures that every plate has the same exceptionable plenum saturation for superior distribution and atomization. The billet design also ensures the plates will never have incorrectly indexed spray bars or any epoxy to crack and start leaking. This design also makes it much less likely to damage the plate in the event of a backfire.

The Solenoids
The nitrous solenoid is our SuperMax .125 Bottom Exit Nitrous Solenoid to support the 450 horsepower capability of the plate. The fuel solenoid is our Bottom Exit Fuel Solenoid, featuring a large .178 orifice base. These are the same solenoids we use on our X275 Direct Port Systems. This solenoid configuration makes the plate able to easily meet it’s high horsepower capabilities while still being very progressive friendly! Both solenoids come mounted on a black anodized aluminum solenoid bracket and include filtered inlet fittings. As a result, strength and quality are top-notch.

I-S Flowing and Blue Printing
We blueprint and flow every Guardian Nitrous Plate System to order. This allows us to do custom setups and easily accommodate racers running different types of fuels at different pressure settings.  Every plate come with custom jet mapping and precision machined wide stem jets for 100-450+ HP tunes in safe 50 HP increments.

The Induction Solutions Difference

There are many companies providing nitrous products to the market, however none offer the same tech support and quality of kits that we do at Induction Solutions. All of our systems are completely blueprinted with attention to detail and hand built to order. Each plate system is flowed for every tune up from top to bottom in 50hp increments and we provide a hand written tech sheet specific to every system, not some mass produced, one size fits all, print out. All of our AN lines come standard with a protective sleeving that acts as a conductive insulator and makes the line far less abrasive to painted and anodized surfaces than industry standard uncoated braided stainless lines. If you decide to purchase one of our complete kits, you will receive a truly complete kit that includes details like a purge kit and a race ready bottle including a gauge, NHRA racer safety, and bottle nut. All of the aforementioned parts are things most companies leave out and want to sell you separately, even though they are necessary to run the system properly and safely!

Complete Kit Includes

• Induction Solutions Blueprinted Guardian Plate System
• 15lb Race Ready Bottle (1.5″ Liquid Filled Gauge, -6 Bottle Nut, and Racer Safety already installed)
• Bottle Mounting Brackets
• -6 Nitrous Supply Line
• Full Purge Kit
• Electrical Hardware including WOT Switch, Arming Switch, Power Relay and Connectors


***Please note when you request a plate is built with hard lines you will lose some of the bigger tune-ups. *** You will also lose the bigger tune-ups on your plate when you are running E85, Alcohol or Q16. When using those fuels we also recommend that you have your plate flowed for race gas as well for an additional $75 at time of purchase.***

Additional information

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 12 in
Carburetor Type

4150, 4500

Bottle Color

Red, Gray

Plate Plumbing

Stainless Braided Line, Stainless Hard Line


Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, 2X Large, 3X Large, 4X Large, 5X Large

Fuel Type

Q16, Race Gas, Alcohol/Meth, E85

Fuel Pressure

High (EFI), Low (Carb)


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