Light Weight Solenoids – Trash Can (.177)

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At Induction Solutions we have the finest Light Weight Solenoids in the market. Here we have our traditional Trash Can Solenoids with a 1/4 lb per solenoid CNC machined off of the base of the solenoid. This both saves weight as well as looks great! These are a great way to flow huge horsepower numbers through your nitrous system! A single Lightweight Trash Can Solenoid can free-flow 850 HP of nitrous! Per pair you will save over a half pound as compared to our non-lightened trash can solenoids! These solenoids are identical to our traditional trash can solenoid other than going on a diet, they still have a 1/4 NPT inlet and a n 1/8 NPT outlet.

Light Weight Solenoids
Light Weight Solenoids

Here’s a quick review of what these solenoids offer to you!

  • 1/4lb savings from traditional Trash Can Solenoid
  • a huge .177 orifice
  • most flow capability of any nitrous solenoid in the industry
  • very aesthetically pleasing
  • backed by our great Induction Solutions Support

Additional information

Weight 1.75 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 4 in


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