Dragzine – Mark Sussino’s Grand Prix

Mark Sussino


The guys at dragzine said it best, “with such a hectic schedule and so many cars competing at Drag Week — many of them stealing the headlines with ming-bogglingly quick numbers — it’s easy for cars that are plenty impressive in their own right to simply get lost in the shuffle, not getting the credit they deserve for their performance at drag racing’s most grueling event.” Mark Sussino’s Grand Prix is, in our opinion, a truly impressive TRUE street car. This car is meant to be driven. While other drivers are worrying about their pro-mod style cars overheating, or getting beat to death going down the highway due to their stiff suspension, Mark is enjoying the cruise in his 3900 lb pump gas street car, and wouldn’t hesitate to drive the car the whole route twice. Check out the full article over at dragzine.com

Dragzine – Mark Sussino’s Grand Prix

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