Powder Coating

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A lot of our customers like to have their manifolds powder coated while their manifolds are at our shop. Powder coating your manifold is a great way to seal the aluminum and preserve it’s condition while enhancing the manifolds looks. If you are sending in your manifold for a service that will require us to weld on the manifold we will be required to remove any prior coatings from the area we are welding. Price will vary depending on if it is a common color (black, silver, etc.) or a custom color (matching your purple car or magenta rollcage). Below are some examples of some of our more common colors! Prices are subject to change on specialty manifolds and colors or if you are looking to have additional pieces done to match as well.

Flat Black


Semi Gloss Black

Gloss Black

Satin Black Texture

Alloy Silver

Silver Vein



Additional information

Manifold Type

Single Four Barrel Intake, Tunnel Ram Intake with Top


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